Planning your next career move

Planning your next career move

Are you thinking about changing jobs? Just not happy in your current position? A job change or career move could be just what you need to really boost your long-term prospects and ultimately make you a happier person. If you’re feeling this way, it may be time to reflect on your long-term careers goals, life aims and objectives and the aspects that you currently like or dislike about your current job. All this may sound pretty deep but it’s necessary if you’re going to find a role that truly makes you happy.

Your first step is to make a plan of what you want to achieve and how you’re going to go about doing this. You should write you’re plan down so that you have something physical and real to refer back to at a later date. Doing this can help prevent you from feeling overwhelmed, which it is very easy to become. If it is the case that you do feel this way, don’t be afraid to ask for outside help or consider buying books that deal with this issue directly. Career specialists and consultants may be of great help to you when you’re thinking about your career goals and ambitions.

There may be another option open to you that you may not have considered yet. You may not like your current role within your company but how about a move within your company its self? Why not try speaking to your current manager and explore the various options that may be open to you. You may be able to swap departments or roles within your company without ever having to face another interview. It is important when doing this that you’ve already thought about your likes and dislikes, particularly if you’re moving in to a different role that you aren’t sure about.

If you really do feel trapped within your current company and these role changes aren’t a viable option for you, then by all means look in to getting another job outside your company. The key is to plan well in advance before you make any changes, you don’t want to feel lost and as many of us have monetary obligations, thorough planning is essential.

Hopefully after you have determined what your goals are, you want to plan your next few steps in advance. Think about the type of company or organisation that you would like to work for. Plan everything in advance. For example, if there is a specific job that you’re interested in it may require prior experience, therefore you should look in to getting a lower role or a work experience placement in this area or possibly another qualification.

Whatever you decide, plan ahead, plan thoroughly and be brave.

by Matthew Hayes

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